The Velhagen Mandler Family

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Below are links to some family video clips. Enjoy!

Frankie eats strawberries
Frankie eats spaghetti
Frankie eats rice
Frankie on a high chair
Elizabeth eating dinner
Frankie eats chicken
Elizabeth eats ice cream
Frankie and her grocery cart
Frankie with Beth's shoes 1
Frankie with Beth's shoes 2
Frankie and a bag of crayons 1
Frankie and a bag of crayons 2
Beth chasing Frankie
Frankie and Beth spinning
Frankie on the dance mat
Frankie and Beth at their kitchen
Frankie and Beth on the floor
Frankie eats yoghurt 1
Frankie eats yoghurt 2
Frankie feeds cereal to John
Elizabeth on rocking horse
Dumbo ride 1
Dumbo ride 2
Girls in playground 1
Girls in playground 2
Spinning cups 1
Spinning cups 2
Elizabeth bouncing
Elizabeth climbing
Elizabeth at the gym
Frankie at the gym
Elizabeth in California playground
California boat ride 1
California boat ride 2
Santa Ana Zoo train ride
Girls eating on vacation 1 Girls eating on vacation 2 Elizabeth sees dolphins
Partying with Lilo and Stitch
Frankie on "Bug's Life" train

Elizabeth the model works the runway
At Butterfly World
Feeding the lorikeets
Frankie and chopsticks

Frankie's birthday
Elizabeth on a merry-go-round
At the kiddie pool 1
At the kiddie pool 2
At Maplewoodstock 1
At Maplewoodstock 2 At the kiddie pool 3
At the kiddie pool 4 At the kiddie pool 6 At the kiddie pool 7
At the kiddie pool 8 Frankie, bread, and butter
Frankie and fruit
Frankie and pasta
Butterfly Frankie 1
Butterfly Frankie 2
Butterfly Frankie 3 At the cruise ship pool
Frankie has more fruit
Elizabeth has a hot dog
Elizabeth's birthday party
Beth in the monsoon rain
Beth feeding farm animals 1
Beth feeding farm animals 2
Beth swimming
Enjoying the little pool 1
Enjoying the little pool 2
Beth pats a horse
Frankie pats a horse
Beth eating a burger
Frankie on the monkey bars
Ice cream on the front steps (no sound) One last time with the sprinkler
The Little Gym Halloween party
Beth helps make cupcakes
Celebrating Tina's birthday 1
Celebrating Tina's birthday 2
Swimming in West Palm Beach 1
Swimming in West Palm Beach 2
Cavorting in Little Gym
Beth and Miriam on the bars
Beth does the "slam"
Frankie bounces 1
Beth bounces
Frankie bounces 2
Frankie lays down